Conservative Republican for Senate District 6

Republican Primary, August 1st, 2024

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  • I will Protect Parental Authority
  • I will Protect the Unborn from Conception
  • I will Protect every Constitutional Right

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My opponent’s voting record is not conservative

It’s Time to Hold Our Legislators Accountable for their Voting Record! Becky Massey refused to vote on SB1722 banning gay pride flags and other flags that align with political and social ideologies in public schools instead of only flying the American Flag and TN...

I support school choice, with protections in place

I Support Universal School Choice 100%, but it is ESSENTIAL that TN School Choice Legislation includes the following protections: No required state testing for Private Schools!  At the heart of school choice is the foundational belief that parents...

TN Legislators Have placed you into a public/private partnership with one of the most liberal companies in america!

It's NOT ok with me and I would imagine, it'sNOT ok with you Either!  My opponent and other Republicans voted to give Ford Motor Company $884 Million, just to come to TN (that's your tax dollars)!  That means that you have become a partner with Ford.As you know,...

Why you must support & vote for Monica Irvine

Why Support and Elect Monica Irvine?This week, Rep Gloria Johnson sponsored House Bill 2603—exempting a person from being held criminally liable for performing an abortion depending on the age of the mother.  Rep Johnson continues to attempt to chip...
  • I WILL ALWAYS VOTE to protect the unborn. Always!
  • I WILL ALWAYS VOTE in favor of Parental Authority and Educational Freedom.
  • I WILL NEVER VOTE to give your tax dollars to private industries who want to make TN a haven for Woke agendas.
  • I WILL ALWAYS VOTE to protect children from the barbaric procedures of chemical and surgical gender transitioning.
  • I WILL ALWAYS DEFEND your God Given right to Bear Arms without infringement.


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