Conservative Republican for

State Senate-District 6

Republican Primary

Election Day-August 1, 2024

Early Voting-July 12-27




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  • I am a Daughter of God, forever in His Debt
  • I am a Relentless Defender of the Divinely Inspired Constitution
  • I am a Fierce Protector of the Unborn
  • I am an Determined Upholder of the 2nd Amendment
  • I am a BULLDOG against the WOKE Indoctrination of our Children
  • I am a Guardian of Parental Authority
  • I am an Opposer of Open Borders
  • I am a Protector of our Religious Freedoms
  • I am a Preserver of our State Sovereignty
  • I am a Refuser of ALL PAC & Special Interest Funding

latest post...

What does a Constitutional TN Look Like?

#1A state that holds its federal government accountable for failing their duty in Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution which reads...The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republic Form of Government, and shall protect...

Why is Monica Irvine Challenging Becky Massey?

Becky Massey:Co-Sponsored SB0857—This bill would drastically expand abortions in TN by allowing innocent babies to be aborted when they were conceived in a “reported” case of rape. Monica will always vote to protect the unborn and women. Withheld Her Vote on SB1111...

Do you and I align?

You may have received a mailer from me this week.  I hope so!The front looked like this: Over the past 10 months, you have been telling me what is importantto you!Thank you!What is important to you, is important to me.I hope as you get to know me better, you will...

I support school choice, with protections in place

I Support Universal School Choice 100%, but it is ESSENTIAL that TN School Choice Legislation includes the following protections: No required state testing for Private Schools!  At the heart of school choice is the foundational belief that parents...
  • I WILL ALWAYS VOTE to protect the unborn. Always!
  • I WILL ALWAYS VOTE in favor of Parental Authority and Educational Freedom.
  • I WILL NEVER VOTE to give your tax dollars to private industries who want to make TN a haven for Woke agendas.
  • I WILL ALWAYS VOTE to protect children from the barbaric procedures of chemical and surgical gender transitioning.
  • I WILL ALWAYS DEFEND your God Given right to Bear Arms without infringement.


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