You may have received a mailer from me this week.  I hope so!
The front looked like this:

Over the past 10 months, you have been telling me what is important
to you!

Thank you!

What is important to you,
is important to me.

I hope as you get to know me better, you will have confidence that I will uphold your values and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Who am I?

I am…a daughter of God, forever in his debt—There is not a day that goes by that I do not contemplate the goodness of God and the mercy and grace that my Savior, Jesus Christ has extended to me.  I hope I can live in a way that shows him the magnitude of my gratitude.

I am…a relentless DEFENDER of the Divinely Inspired Constitution—Because I know that our Constitution was written by inspired men, raised up by God for a divine purpose (that of establishing the most free nation on the earth), I will work every day to make sure our laws stay true to its
precepts and mandates.

I am…A Fierce Protector of the Unborn—I will always defend every life, every time.  ALWAYS!

Pregnant woman and child in the womb. Belly section and fetal growth

I am…an Upholder of the 2nd Amendment—As Americans, our right to be a sovereign people and maintain our sovereign nation,  is dependent on our ability to defend ourselves. We must NEVER waver in our commitment to protecting this inalienable right.

I am…a BULLDOG against the WOKE Indoctrination of our Children—I wish it wasn’t true, but it is true.  There is a tremendous movement in our country to indoctrinate children without parental knowledge.  Why?  Because there is an incredible amount of money involved.  I will FIGHT DAY & NIGHT to stop this from happening in Tennessee!

I am…a Guardian of Parental Authority—It is time that Tennessee creates a Parent’s Bill of Rights so we can secure parental authority against each and every attempt to separate parents from their children.

I am…an Opposer to All Medical Mandates—We learned during Covid that our government, both state and federal, failed to protect our medical freedoms.  We also learned that companies stepped over their authority and strong armed, threatened and ended employment of faithful employees for refusing taking the Covid Vaccine.  I will always oppose such overreach from our government!

Photographer: Emily Elconin/Bloomberg

I am…a believer in School Choice—Click HERE to learn more.

I am…a strong Opponent of Open Borders— A country without secure borders, is a country that has turned its back on its citizens, its constitution and its sovereignty.  We MUST have law and order, or there is no TRUE freedom.

I am…a protector of our Religious Freedoms—Click HERE to learn more

I am…a preserver of our State Sovereignty—We the people, literally means “WE THE PEOPLE.”  Our federal government was formed by “We the people and we the people outlined responsibilities that we would ALLOW our federal government to be responsible for.  But, when the federal government over-reaches their authority, WE THE PEOPLE, have a sacred and Constitutional responsibility to assert our authority to maintain the proper balance.  It is our protection. It is our duty!

I am…a Refuser of All PAC Funding—To learn more, click HERE.

Stand with me today.  

Stand for Tennessee!

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