Becky Massey:
Co-Sponsored SB0857
—This bill would drastically expand abortions in TN by allowing innocent babies to be aborted when they were conceived in a “reported” case of rape. Monica will always vote to protect the unborn and women.

Withheld Her Vote on SB1111 (Took a “Present but not Voting” in committee)— This bill required consent from a parent or guardian of a minor prior to a healthcare provider administering a vaccine to the minor. Sen Massey voted to support the house version of the bill when it went to floor for the final vote. Monica would have voted, “Yes” for this bill.

Withheld Her Vote on SB0126 (Took a “Present but not Voting” in committee, Was absent for the floor vote) — This bill made it unlawful for doctors to give puberty blocking pharmaceutical drugs to children as young as 9 years old for gender dysphoria. This bill passed despite Massey not voting. Monica would have voted, “Yes” for this bill.

Voted YES on SB2464—Giving Illegals state benefits, including trade licensing. This bill passed. She also Voted YES on SB0612 giving illegals in-state tuition for college which did not pass. Monica would have voted, “No” for both of these bills.

Voted YES on SB8001—This bill placed TN citizens in a public/private partnership with Ford Motor Coming, giving Ford almost 900 million dollars to build their electric car plant in TN. Now, tax payers are in partnership with this company that is now “slashing their electric car production due to a lack of demand. In addition, the Ford foundations gives millions to Planned Parenthood, Organizations that Support transgender care for minors, and other liberal agenda organizations. Monica does not support public/private partnerships as these are violations of our TN Constitution (Section 31).

Voted YES on SB0273—This bill allows a foreign owned company to build and govern toll roads in TN with up to a 50 year non-compete. Monica is strongly opposed to foreign owned companies building TN infrastructure and collecting payment from TN residents in order for TN residents to drive on our TN roads.

Voted No on SB151—This bill prevented the Tennessee Education Association (a teachers union), from being allowed to automatically take Union dues from teachers’ paychecks. This bill passed despite Massey’s “no” vote. Monica would have supported this bill.

Voted No on SB075—This bill allowed Tennessee to become a permit-less “carry” state which aligns with the 2nd Amendment. Monica will always uphold the US Constitution which prevents any one or any government from infringing on one’s right to bear arms.

Left the floor & missed the vote on Bill SB1722—This bill prohibited K-12 public schools from flying flags other than US flag and TN flag which would prevent schools from flying ideology and political flags such as the Gay Pride Flag. Monica would have supported this bill.

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