I Support Universal School Choice 100%, but it is ESSENTIAL that TN School Choice Legislation includes the following protections:

No required state testing for Private Schools!  At the heart of school choice is the foundational belief that parents can determine if a school or learning environment is meeting their child’s needs.  When parents take ownership of their child’s education, this responsibility falls on them, the parent. 

True Universal School Choice Allows for an Educational
FREE Market to Explode!

Funds must be made available for ALL homeschool families, without required umbrella school registration. In addition, there should be NO  required testing that determines status of homeschooler or any form of curriculum oversight!  Once again, we either believe parents are capable of the guardianship of their child’s education or we don’t. 


Parents must be allowed to use funds for children with Special Need’s Diagnoses!  Yes, we may have to create special scholarships for our children with special needs to make sure they have complete freedom to access these funds.  It is important that parents have autonomy to determine what is best for their child.

Furthermore, it’s time to be transparent regarding where these funds should come from.  Our current governor and other legislators are trying to appease too many “sides” in this debate instead of standing on the principal of School Choice.

Our society determined many generations ago that it was in our best interest to have an educated population. 

I’m sure you agree.
Today, the education department, as well as county and city school districts, determine their budgets according to how many pupils will be enrolled in public school each year.  Why?  Because they have calculated how much money it cost to educate each pupil per year.That means that our state and local government, has already earmarked funds to educate each pupil in any given year. School choice means that we take that money that has ALREADY been set aside to educate “said student,” and allow those funds to be used in any learning environment that the child’s parents determine is best for their child.

So yes, the funds should follow the child which means that it should come out of the Education budget that has already set that
money aside to educate that child.

Governor Lee Creating a new Line Item Budget for School Choice is ONLY going to swell the state budget even more. This is the opposite of what TRUE Conservative Leadership LOOKS LIKE!

It’s time for a New Senator in District 6 who
will fight day and night to safeguard
Tennessee legislation against Government intrusion and Unnecessary
Government Oversight!

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