Is it a life? Do you believe abortion is wrong?

In February, 2023, I was shocked to learn that my opponent, Sen Becky Massey, had co-sponsored a bill, that would weaken the Human Life Protection Act that protects the unborn in TN and would drastically expand abortions in TN.

We know that, those who advocate for death to the unborn, will not stop until they have chipped away at our law to protect the unborn in TN, until abortion is legal through 9 months gestation and even during delivery.

So what do I believe? Where do I stand?

I believe abortion is wrong and violates the constitutional right to life of the baby living inside the womb.

I believe that it is wrong to require an innocent baby to forfeit their life and pay the penalty of their father’s crime of rape.

I do not believe that killing an innocent child will help to heal the woman/girl that has been a victim of rape.

When did we become a country that chooses whose lives are valuable, and whose lives are expendable? When did we become human beings who take on the job of choosing which innocent people deserve to live and which ones must die?

In America, our justice system holds only the convicted criminals accountable for their crimes, and not their family (unless their family was culpable to the crime). So then, why would we require an innocent baby to pay for the crime of their father with their very life?

  • It is time to elect a Senator who will not BEND on this issue!
  • It is time to elect a Senator who will not succumb to pressure from the Abortion industry who exploits girls and women in crises for financial gain!
  • It is time to elect a Senator who is not AFRAID to stand up for truth and virtue, regardless of changing societal norms.

Elect Monica Irvine on August 1st and Keep Tennessee a PRO LIFE State!

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