Becky Massey Refuses to Vote On Conservative Issuses!

As Conservative Republicans, we elect representatives who we believe will STAND UP for the Constitution and Conservative Principles that we hold DEAR!

However, Senator Becky Duncan Massey has failed to uphold her duty as the Senator for District 6 as she withholds her vote on incredibly important issues such as:

  • protecting children
  • protecting parental authority
    (see below)

The image below is SB0126 which made it unlawful for children to be given chemical transitioning drugs. This included hormone blockers for pre-puberty children for gender transitioning care. Sen Massey took a “Present but not Voting” in Health committee on 3/31/2021.
The image below is SB1111 which made it unlawful for Healthcare
providers to administer vaccines to minors without written parental
consent. Sen Massey took a “Present but not Voting” on 04/10/2023
on the Senate Floor Vote.

IT IS TIME to elect a Senator who will Vote as a True Conservative every vote, every day, without exception!

Contact Monica Irvine (865)